Charlotte Jousseaume

“I truly appreciated the Scent’Health therapy. It brings together, in a perfect and innovating way, olfactology (essential oils), chromatherapy and music. Every session was for me an invitation to an inner journey. The complex essential oils and the musical suite formed a narrative medium in which to settle and dwell. I was thus able to surrender, in full openness and power, to the action of the colors on me! This alchemy has also proven to be of a great power! Of course, my body went through a phase of imbalance the day after the first session.
But, over time, it learned ways to rebalance itself more deeply than ever before. I gradually regained all the benefits of a healing sleep. And my body started, literally, dancing its life! Today I can say that I feel a real wellness. Given these effects, I appreciate the willingness of Scent'Health to work hand in hand with medical teams, to give this treatment its full potential!”

Kelly Martinez
Montreuil 34 years old, teacher of natural sciences and a mother for 8 months at the time of her sessions.

Having practiced relaxation in various contexts, I was amazed at each session by the speed at which the state of relaxation naturally deepened.
Afterwards, a true wellbeing filled me without any room left for parasitic thoughts. A new point of view appeared to me, always positive, on a few worries that had come to me during the session. The state of well being always systematically prolonged itself throughout the following day. Over multiple sessions, I really felt myself better handling my emotional reaction to events. It became more measured, balanced, allowing me to better return to a normal hormonal state.
Also, during each session, I also appreciated the discussion that preceded it, allowing for the care session to be adapted to the evolution of my emotional state when necessary.

Marie-Eve Humery
42 years old, sociologist and mother.
Lecturer in the universities of Paris 1 and Paris 13

I had the opportunity to enjoy five Scent’Health sessions, a therapy that combines olfactology and chromatherapy, with Isabelle Pandolfo. Each time, this gave me great wellbeing. We worked on stress (I’m always running for time!), on the drainage of my liver (I have a bit of a weakness on that side), and on a rebalancing of my central nervous system, amongst other things.
Beyond the pleasurable feelings during the sessions themselves (the essential oil synergies diffused are especially enjoyable and the multidimensional music adds to the pleasure of the experience… one finds herself flirting with sleep), I felt a profound and very manifest relaxation, as well as a powerful effect on my stomach and my general state. These sessions were beautiful parentheses in my busy weeks, and it truly is worth it to regularly treat oneself to this time of resourcing and rebalancing the body, to take care of oneself, of one’s body, of one’s soul and spirit.
As an added bonus, the charming welcome and spot-on analysis of Isabelle in choosing the olfactology and chromatherapy program make these care sessions a soft and precious moment, with very tangible effects. Thank you Isabelle, see you next time !


I’m rather sensitive to alternative medicine, even if I do not reject allopathy altogether, and I have tested several sessions of Scent’Health’s olfactology.
I was enchanted! It allowed me to overcome a difficult time, wet and icy weather, stress overflow from a too-busy work schedule and personal tensions. I gained in peacefulness and, at each session, I left full of energy and cheered up for several days.
I experienced an almost immediate letting go and I saw in particular an improvement of a rhino-pharyngitis that was in its early stages.
The sessions also brought me great help for my sleep (more relaxing) and in my daily amount of energy.
I would strongly recommend this method for sick people to help support them in the treatments, and to everyone for a little cure a few weeks long every winter! It is a true benefit for a genuine wellbeing in our society where everything goes too fast!

Virginie Sueres
Living in Paris, 39 years old.

It was in the beginning of winter that I encountered the Scent’Health care. It really helped me during a period of changing seasons and dental work. It was a true moment of gentle resourcing. I accompanied heavy dental work with regular sessions, always adapted by the choice of program according to my state on the moment.
A real sensory bath, these sessions brought me a sense of deep and subtle relaxation thanks to the power of the essential oils and chromatherapy. At the end of these sessions, I felt a great sense of calm and gentleness, the sensation of having been fed from light and of my very fibers bathed in fragrance, as if both light and scent had permeated my body like a soft touch.
At the beginning, I felt like a bubble surrounding me, protecting me from the cold and grey of the city, and each time, I had a different experience according to the program used. Feelings of letting go and inner resourcing manifested, as well as experiences of peacefulness and energizing and of inner warmth.
In short, a beautiful sensory experience of relaxation, but also a real in-depth action on my whole being. I found within Scent’Health, a resourcing environment and a real support for the period of change that I was going through.
An astonishing experience I recommend to all.

Testimony of Virginie 38 years old, diagnosed with Asperger autism

Before being a sensorial space, Scent’Health is an atmosphere: a well of tranquility where I come to resource myself every week, recharging the batteries of my well-being. A more than salutary concept.
In my daily life, I am often invaded by anxiety disorders : very intense emotions that forbid me from fully enjoying life. Until now, to help myself regulate these situations, I could only do it with anxiolytics, which I took whenever I felt the need.
These medications really helped me but were highly addictive and the consequences of weaning myself of them were such that it would not have been possible without a certain measure of suffering. Scent’Health not only helped me escape this vicious cycle but also allowed me to soundly regain my quietude, my tranquility.
When I come out of my session, my serotonin is high at its maximum, as if I had just finished an hour of jogging. A feeling of relaxation and well being fills me. My body feels freed and purified of all toxins. My diaphragm is relaxed. I’m able to take a deep inspiration all the way in, without that limit that has always been with me all these years.
As far as I am concerned, I consider these spaces as a revolution, a necessary alternative to all those muscle relaxants or those chemical sedatives. The only downside is that the sessions are too short!