The chromotherapie principle  


How colors can influence our health. The colors correspond to vibrations that have rhythms of wavelengths and different speeds. These elements play without us being aware, a psychic, physical and emotional impact on our organism. This influence stimulates our vital energy, promoting the process of self healing. Chromo therapy plays an important role in the world since traditional medicine of India, China and Greece.


The use of chromotherapy is particularly indicated in the following cases: premature aging of the skin, mood instability, decreased energy, tiredness, depression, anxiety, disruption of the cycle of waking and sleeping, obesity, immune deficiencies, menstrual disorders, personality disorders, attention deficit disorder, headacheā€Ž, swelling, drug abuse, suicidal tendencies, joint problems... The list is far from exhaustive.

A big step for science

Chromotherapy has been the subject of serious scientific and medical research, and was helped in this by the NASA who founded during space flight, that an astronaut who worked with his hands placed under a source of red light, had healed much faster than expected. Astronaut in question, unexpectedly, recovered from an injury to the hand who should have waited his return to earth to be resolved. Because in the space flight microgravity, healing is very slow.

The space agency has asked if this recovery was due to the red light used for the experiment, and asked the Plastic Microsurgery Department of the Medical College of Wisconsin to begin research on this type of colored light. They have confirmed the extraordinary healing power of the red color.

These extremely serious and comprehensive research has been the subject of numerous scientific publications that can be found at the following addresses:

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